About Us

Presenting SmokeWear a gender fluid, edgy streetwear collection for the new age rebels who are unafraid to defy rules. Bold and monochromatic prints balanced out with solid wardrobe staples, functionality is at the essence of this collection. Each piece reflects balance, most of all by the absence of color.

Having graduated from Parsons, New York, and Central Saint Martins, London, with a deep love of fashion, Sanya V Jain initiated her bag collection, but soon after she realised that making a change in the fashion industry was necessary. She introduced a hyper-modern fashion line SMOKE WEAR to align contemporary luxe with consciousness. The collection was launched to bring in a change and was made for the people who would want to contribute to this change.

She is a strong advocate of gender neutrality and has ensured that the collections are gender-neutral yet functional. With her ethos of ‘Living Responsibly’, the SMOKE WEAR second collection was completely made of upcycled fabric. She has always been creating fashion that does not fit stereotypes, but push horizons and speak to all.

A believer in “dressing for the occasion”, her work is the fusion of contemporary and chic with comfort. For her joyful approach, she boldly adorns vibrant choice of prints and colors in her clothing and accessories. All in all, she is the friend that we all wish for to look and feel the best.

With Varun Jain, as the Founder and CEO of SMOKE LAB, and Sanya V Jain as the Creative Director of SMOKE WEAR, the label treads a spectrum of lifestyles that speak to a conscious mind. SMOKE WEAR is a hypermodern fashion line that is founded on the ideals of embracing diverse statements- all effortless and accessible, embodying freedom, functionality and living responsibly. Gender-neutrality and eco-consciousness are the pillars on which all collections are centred around. SMOKE WEAR brings wardrobe staples that mirror the crossover of “being” and “aspirational”, striking a balance between the two. The collections are constantly innovating with new Indian collaborative designers.

SMOKE LAB is a homegrown, experimental site that galvanises different products and initiatives like SMOKE VODKA, India’s first premium homegrown vodka label with variants like the Classic and Aniseed. SMOKE WATER- an environmentally conscious water can that is recyclable with bottled-at- source Himalayan spring water, and SMOKE SAFETY KIT, a safety initiative that shows the dynamism with which this sites adapts to changing scenarios.

The collection speaks to those who are ready to make a revolutionary fashion statement; even as they walk out for work. SmokeWear bring sustainable and compatible wardrobe staples that mirror the crossover of where you belong and where you want to be.